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Posted by on Mar 10, 2013 in Books

Ars Sacra Christian art in the western world

ars sacra

Good Morning !!! what I’m going to tell you about this book won’t give it justice, but I’ll do my best. 

Ars Sacra is not a normal book, it’s a time machine that will transport you from the early beginnings of Christian art and architecture which started in the catacombs of the third-century in Rome, to our present day. It’s a monumental book where you can find mainly everything  concerning art and architecture pictures, and not only from a wide angle but you will enjoy the details in a way only the artist saw with some amazing close ups.  It doesn’t end here, the text is very well researched to carry you with the pictures to another dimension where everything is defined and clear for you to understand the transition between one era to the other.

When I said it’s a monumental book I didn’t only mean from the figurative aspect but also the tactile one since it weighs almost 22 pounds (10 kg), and contains over 800 pages so as you can see it’s a huge book. I recommend this book for everyone who loves art and wants to understand and feel it, you can check it out on Amazon