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Posted by on Mar 11, 2013 in TV Shows

Family Guy – have you heard about the bird?

key_art_family_guyGood Morning !!!  We are telling you to spread the word to everyone, so for our first post about a TV show we are going to write about Family Guy and ask you : “have you heard about the bird?”.

Family Guy has always been one of my favorite shows and I love how honest and candor the show is.  A lot of people don’t like it and try to cancel it but the show always seems to come back which proves how good it is and that people want to watch it.

So below you will find one of the clips from back in 2008 (Season: 7 Episode: 2) where Peter gets obsessed with the “Bird”. As a bonus I also posted the original song from 1963 which is as wacky as Peter’s version.

If you have never seen the show yet, I really suggest that you get with the times and start watching one of the most unique comedy shows out there. Check out this sweet box set from Amazon


  1. Hahaha! Very funny!!

    • Yeah Joyce, I totally agree :D. This show is awesome you should try watching it when you get the chance!