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Posted by on Apr 9, 2013 in General, Music

Eric Clapton is Selling Guitars

eric-clapton-playing-brownieGood Morning !!! Eric Clapton and Guitar Center are teaming up with Fender and Gibson to create a limited edition replicas of guitars once played by Clapton himself and his own signature acoustic series with Martin.

The replica guitars are Brownie and Lucy which are a Stratocaster and a Les Paul respectively.  Each will be sold at $14,999 and there will only be 100 produced.

Clapton’s “Crossroads” Signature Martin Guitars will also be a limited edition series and they are all built under Clapton’s supervision.  Three models are being made and the prices are $5,999 , $12,999, and $49,999 according to the model and the wood the guitar is being made from.

Check out the amazing videos below and see Eric playing all the models for the very first time and giving his input along with the story of each one.