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Posted by on Mar 21, 2013 in Fashion, Women

History of the Bikini

worlds first bikini

worlds first bikini

Every summer we go to the beach, wear bikinis, enjoy the sun and the water. But did we ever ask ourselves, how and when women started wearing a bikini?

This is how the story began.
Back in the Greco-Roman world, specifically  Villa Romana del Casale, Sicily there is a mosaic on the floor where we can see women wearing bikinis.

Now fast forward to our time, in 1946 2 French men, Louis Reard a mechanical engineer and Jacques Heim a fashion designer, introduced the Bikini. Louis Reard named his swimsuit “bikini”, taking the name from Bikini Atoll, one small island on the Pacific where the new atomic bomb was tested that summer. He believed that the bikini effect on the people will be similar to the effect of the American atomic bomb in Japan, one summer earlier.

I recommend this video to every one of you because you’ll see and hear everything you need to know about the history of the bikini in a minute and a half, enjoy.